· City Employee Culture

City employees play a key role in helping make and keep City government and the community resilient.  The administration has put in place an Employee Led Initiative (ELI) that encourages employee’s to bring ideas forward that might result in greater efficiencies.  Here is an example of a recent improvement initiative. The administration also encourages departmental participation in the Green Team (a staff group focused on Sustainability Action Plan implementation).

    · Community Gardens

Community gardens provide a means for citizens who have the desire to grow food to do so.  When done on property which would otherwise likely be maintained in grass it can also reduce maintenance costs.  Finally by providing food locally the community avoids the costs and emissions associated with the transportation of food into the community and in the process makes productive use of the sunlight we receive.

INCENTIVES: The City has made public space available for community gardens.

    · Renewable Energy

Finding sources of relatively cheap renewable energy is paramount to address global warming and to reduce geo-political & socio-economic tensions.  This will link to information on local sources and types of renewable energy.

INCENTIVES:  Both the Federal and Washington State governments provide economic incentives for purchasing and generating renewable energy.  These incentives have varied over time.

    · Buy Local

One has of coarse to keep costs in mind, but buying locally, even in terms of neighborhood businesses does help assure more resilience in the community as a whole.            

An even bigger bang for the community results when the local buying is focused on innovative “green” business products, as this helps focus on new ideas, technologies & skills which diversify and grow our economy, while at the same time providing solutions to existing environmental problems.

    · Limited Resources

There are resources that are difficult and expensive to acquire.  In many cases they are becoming more difficult to acquire as time goes on.  Here you will find information on some of these constraining materials.  We all would do well to conserve and consider ways of replacing our need for them if we are to be resilient.