Bike/Ped Coordinator
It is recognized that one way to reduce the need for petroleum burning vehicles is to enhance the experience of people who use other modes of travel.  These alternative modes of transportation are often healthier alternatives.  The City has made a significant investment in this regard by hiring a Bike/Pedestrian Coordinator.

Spokane Transit
Spokane Transit provides a means of transportation for many folks including those who would otherwise not have a way to get around.  Since it is government subsidized and is running currently, it offers a cheap and relatively clean alternative to single occupant vehicle transportation.  Using transit helps reduce peak traffic and thereby puts off the time when major transportation corridor changes have to be made.

INCENTIVES:  Local, State, and Federal funds subsidize Spokane Transit.  In addition Spokane City and County each offer their employees free bus passes.  Other local employers offer the same incentive to their employees in an effort to meet Commute Trip Reduction Goals.

Spokane Regional Transportation Council
SRTC is the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization for Spokane County. Regional transportation planning requires an understanding of the past, recognition of current conditions, and the ability to provide an economically achievable, environmentally balanced, and consumer-friendly transportation system that enables the Spokane community to reach its full potential

The City communicates with many other government agencies including;

Non-Governmental Organizations
The City works with these organizations on sustainability as well;

Information Services

The Spokane Public Library has a selection of green Spokane resources