Community Gardens

The City is interested in facilitating citizens’ ability to grow food to help make themselves and by extension, the City more sustainable. The Water Department in particular has made property available for community gardening. This effort not only reduces the City’s need for lawn maintenance but also can help meet citizens’ need for affordable, healthy, fresh vegetables and fruit. A side benefit is the significantly reduced transportation needed to get this fresh produce into homes.

The City of Spokane Community Garden Program is a collaboration between the City of Spokane, the Spokane Regional Health District (health district), WSU Spokane County Extension (WSU extension) and its Master Gardener Program and interested gardeners. Currently there are three gardens up and running on City of Spokane Water and Hydroelectric Services Department land, three on private property with Memorandums of Understanding and two on City of Spokane Parks and Recreation land.

Community Garden Locations:

  • East Central Community Center, Hartson Ave. & Ray St.
  • Grant Park in the Perry District, 10th Ave. & Ivory St.
  • Hillyard Pumphouse at Northeast Community Center, Hoffman Ave. & Crestline St.
  • Northeast Community Center, East Lacy Ave. & North Liberty St.
  • East Central Community Organization, East Fourth Ave. & South Pittsburg St.
  • The Commons at the City of Spokane Water Department, 33rd Ave. & Lamont St.
  • Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Dean Ave. & Elm St.
  • Earth Turners in Peaceful Valley, West Water Ave. & South Cedar St.

If you are interested in a Garden check out the rules. To sign up for a Garden contact Dennis Anderson by email at or phone him at 509-747-5562

Parks and Recreation also has information on Community Gardens

Spokane Community Gardens is a great resource for gardening in the area.

Pat Munts answers the question “What is a Community Garden?”  If you have questions you can contact Pat by e mail at 

Other Community Garden Resources:

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