Environmental Programs

Mission Statement

Act to protect and enhance Spokane’s environment such that human health and economic development are sustainable.

We act to assist City departments, businesses, and individuals in understanding and complying with environmental regulations. Act to promote communication, understanding, and cooperation between the City, environmental interests, and economic development interests. We will assist City environmental data gathering, maintenance, and reporting with emphasis on quality control and assurance.

Sustainability and environmental protection are two of the City’s key principles for decision making. This includes identifying and addressing ways that climate change and rising energy prices will impact our operations, services, programs, and policies. As a City, we’ve already started to adopt sustainable practices. Our efforts to save energy, reclaim treated wastewater, conserve water, protect our aquifer, and inventory our greenhouse gas emissions are some examples.

Setting out strategies to reduce our waste and energy costs will ensure our ability to continue offering top quality service to our taxpayers. Support of similar strategies for residents’ and businesses’ efforts will help direct the future program.

The Latest News

2013 City Water Use by Department


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